For Dr. Rorbert Sholl:

Although individual fees exist for specific procedures or tests, the majority of expense for medical care is based on time spent with you.

The initial office visit for a functional medicine evaluation will last about 90 minutes with a fee of $350.00. The first followup visit will last about 90 minutes with a fee of $275.  Your health and wholeness is our primary motivation in running this office.  Our pledge to you is to keep the overhead as low as we can without compromising the quality of care. Please also be aware that one to three hours is spent reviewing your case before and after your visit at no additional charge. Further followup visits, if necessary, are at the rate of $230.00 per hour.

For more focused office visits that do not involve going into a complete functional medical evaluation, a fee of $65.00 per 15 minutes is suggested. Phone consultations by prior arrangements are $60.00 per 15 min block and will usually last from 1/2 to one hour. Prepayment for these consults will be expected

For Noreen Sholl MD, CHC:

Dr. Noreen’s fee is $105.00 per hour.

For a limited time as an opportunity to initially speak with her, she’s providing a no-charge 15 minute health discussion in person at the office, or by phone.

Your first appointment with Dr. Noreen is $50.00 for a full review of your health. Additional appointments with Dr. Noreen are available in prepaid bundles of 3 appointments at a 20% reduced fee ($84.00 an hour). Or you can pay full-price at $105.00 per appointment.

*A more specific fee profile for Health and fitness evaluations including metabolic and exercise testing is outlined in the separate brochure for Health and fitness Services available in the office.

A full fee profile is available at the office.  We also encourage you to go to the FAQ’s page on this website to learn more about our insurance policy.