Robert Sholl, MD sees health through the eyes of a nutrition doctor.

How many doctors have you been to that told you, “They didn’t teach me anything about nutrition in medical school.” That’s changing now, slowly but surely.

Nutritional medicine and functional medicine are somewhat related. That’s why doctors who look to nutrition, lifestyle, and even depleted nutrient levels are apt to find the root cause of suboptimal health, rather than just treating symptoms with prescriptions.

If you want to speak with a physician who is open to nutrition and uses nutritional medicine to achieve wellness, please feel free to meet with doctor Robert Sholl. He’s been a medical doctor for over 35 years, and his focus on functional medicine makes consulting with him one of your wisest choices no matter what your health challenge is.

Here is Dr. Sholl’s contact information:

Wellspring Functional Medicine
Robert Sholl, MD
136 US Route 1
Scarborough, Maine   04074
Phone:   (207) 289-1060




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