Not Feeling As Well As You’d Like? Functional Medicine Doctors Can Help You Find Optimal Wellness

Maybe you’re just feeling fatigue. Or perhaps you remember a time that you were feeling a little better. Functional medicine doctors specialize in taking the time you need to hear your entire health story, about the health choices you are making, and most importantly, help you to find the optimal wellness you are searching for.

Robert Sholl, MD has been practicing family medicine for over 35 years, and chose to transition to functional medicine. Why? Because the constraints of mainstream medicine practice simply do not allow enough time to look at the individual as a unique person, working together to navigate the complexities and pathways of achieving optimal wellness.

So give Dr. Sholl a call and set an appointment to find out just how well you can be. He’s available to meet with you at his Maine office location below:

Wellspring Functional Medicine
Robert Sholl, MD

P.O. Box 1565
Scarborough, Maine   04070
Phone:   (207) 289-1060
Fax:        (207) 289-1061


-In Wellness,
Robert Sholl, MD
Functional Medicine Doctor