Will Functional Medicine Doctors be the Right Fit for You?

Functional medicine doctors are specially trained to help you achieve optimal wellness. If you decide that you’d like to have enough time to really be heard, to be respected as an individual and unique person, then perhaps seeing a functional medicine doctor is a good choice for you.

Robert Sholl, MD has been practicing family medicine for over 35 years, and decided that he wants to spend more time with his patients, and treat the whole person rather than treat symptoms with prescription medicines. Transitioning you illness to wellness is a good description, and Dr. Sholl invites you to read more about functional medicine on his About Functional Medicine Doctors page in this website.

Or give Dr. Sholl’s office a call at either of his Maine offices, and get started on your journey to wellness. You will work with Dr. Sholl one on one, not a nurse practitioner or an assistant.

Office Addresses:

Wellspring Functional Medicine
Robert Sholl, MD

P.O. Box 1565
Scarborough, Maine   04070
Phone:   (207) 289-1060
Fax:        (207) 289-1061

-In Wellness,

Robert Sholl, MD
Functional Medicine Doctor