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Function Medicine Doctors work together and learn together in a professional society called the Institute of Functional Medicine (you can visit their website at Institute of Functional Medicine (also known as the IFM) features thought leaders in Functional Medicine like Mark Houston, MD and Mark Hyman, MD. As a practitioner specializing in Functional Medicine, Dr. Robert Sholl is a member in good standing of this well-respected organization, and stays abreast of the latest scientific developments while taking continuing medical education credits offered through the IFM.

Whether practicing Holistic Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Complementary Medicine, or Functional Medicine, you are in good hands when a physician takes the time to listen to you, and helps you transition from illness to wellness. Robert Sholl, MD has been practicing family medicine in Maine for over 35 years, and is now offering Functional Medicine services at his Falmouth, Maine and also at his Scarborough, Maine offices.

For a limited time, you can set an appointment to meet Dr. Sholl for a one-on-one consultation at no charge (15 minutes) to tell Dr. Sholl what you are looking for, and he’ll tell you how he can help you be the well person you want to be.

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