Functional Medicine Doctors are Not All Quite the Same…

Just as traditional doctors are all not the same, it is similar with functional medicine doctors too – not all quite the same. So how do you know which functional medicine doctor is a good fit for you? First, make sure your doctor is a very good listener. Robert Sholl, MD is willing to listen with you, one-on-one, and give you his feedback for up to 15 minutes at no charge. Just so you can get to know him, and so he can get to know how functional medicine can help you transition illness to wellness. Dr. Sholl has been listening to his patients for over 35 years in family medicine practice.

So give Dr. Sholl a call at either of his Maine Functional Medicine offices located in Scarborough and in Falmouth. Just go to the Contact Us page, and set an appointment. Your body will thank you for learning more about how well you can be.

The offer to meet with Dr. Sholl for no charge will not be indefinite, so please take advantage of this “Meert Dr. Sholl” opportunity while scheduling is still available.

Robert Sholl, MD

Scarborough, Maine   04070